a co-ed, independent, inclusion school for grades k-12+

School Uniform

School Uniform, Clothing, and Dress Code 

The IDEAL School of Manhattan has a dress code for students in Grades K-8. The guidelines for the dress code are as follows:
  • A polo or collared shirt, embroidered with the school’s logo. Shirts must be one of the school-selected colors (red, white, navy, black, gray)

  • Khaki, black, or navy pants, shorts, skirt, or jumpers (jumpers need to be embroidered with the school’s logo) 

  • Solid colored tights or leggings (navy, black, gray) may be worn under a skirt or jumper

  • A solid-colored sweater, sweatshirt, or fleece in red, white, navy, or gray, with no writing or decals other than the school logo

IDEAL clothing and uniforms can be purchased through the Lands’ End website. To order school uniforms, go to: https://www.landsend.com/pp/px/schoolaccount?launchSearch=true

  • Preferred School Number: 900119843
  • If you are searching by name: The IDEAL School of Manhattan

Adaptive Uniform Options

Several clothing companies feature inclusive lines of adaptive clothing designed for easy dressing. Please contact your child's teacher for more information.


Further uniform information

  • Each day, students should wear sneakers or shoes that are appropriate for physical education class as well as recess and class trips outside of the school. Clogs, crocs, sandals with open toes, shoes with heels, and shoes with wheels are not allowed for safety reasons
  • Each month, the first Friday that school is in session will be a dress-down day. On these days, students are not required to come to school in uniform. The school does require that students wear clothes that are appropriate for a school setting, recess, art, and all other activities on these days. 
  • If a student comes to school out of dress code, the student will be provided with a uniform shirt to be worn over their clothing and returned at the end of the day. If a student is consistently sent to school out of dress code, this will warrant a conversation between the school and the student’s family.
  • Students in kindergarten through second grade should have a complete change of clothes at the school (including shoes and underwear) in case they need to change. Please make sure that the clothing is appropriate in size and for the particular season. All clothing should be marked with the student’s name.

Guidelines for the High School dress code

High School students are not required to wear uniforms. All clothing must be appropriate for a school setting. Final decisions on the appropriateness of clothing rest with the Upper School Head or Assistant Head. The following guidelines should be observed:
  • Undergarments should not be visible

  • No bare midriffs on boys or girls

  • No low cut shirts where cleavage is visible

  • No off-the-shoulder shirts or tank tops with spaghetti or narrow straps

  • Pants may be baggy, but underwear should not be visible while sitting or standing

  • Hats are not permitted unless worn for religious or medical purposes

Physical Education Clothes

During the pandemic, physical education in school will be low activity, so no special PE clothes are required nor should they be brought to school.