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Lunch and Learn

2 pictures 1) two women talk to a classroom of students 2) The Head of School introduces a man

For the 2023-24 school year, Head of School Janet Wolfe introduced the new Lunch and Learn series of informal meetings with guests who are leaders in their fields and communities to talk with students about their professions and leadership styles. Attendance is optional, and students join the meetings that interest them. The first Lunch and Learn included Michelle Smith, IDEAL founder and finance entrepreneur, and Caroline Boudreaux, non-profit entrepreneur and founder of The Miracle Foundation. Our second visitor was Jelanie Fenton, a neighbor in our new building, a multi-business owner, a mentor, and a speaker at last year’s Civil Rights Community Day. Speakers to come are Quncie Williams, lead architect on IDEAL's build-out, who will share more about his work and the vision and process of designing IDEAL at 5 Hanover Square; IDEAL parent Gizelle George-Joseph, who will talk about her leadership role at Goldman Sachs; Bobby Brown, a former collegiate football and NFL player, who will talk about being an athlete, as well as his transition into the more traditional work world in a law firm; and Marisa Brahney, host of IDEAL's Gala, who will lead a session on her work as a content creator and lifestyle expert.