APEX Athletics

Boys practicing for their cross country team in Riverside Park

APEX stands for Academic and Physical Excellence, and the goal of the APEX Program is to provide the framework needed for our student ­athletes to develop healthy habits in order to achieve a full mind-body balance. As The Brain Research Institute at UCLA points out, “[j]ust as physical exercise primes the body, researchers are finding that it also primes the mind. Exercise prompts brain cells to multiply, strengthens their connections and boost their resilience against damage and disease.” To this end, we have designed a program that will allow our older students (Grades 5-12) to focus on academics and athletics in a structured environment that supports each student’s individual success.

APEX teams and clubs range from competitive league play to noncompetitive and modified club play. Students are encouraged to participate, and all students who wish to join can and will play in the APEX Program. Each student may participate in only one sport per season.

Once students choose which sport they are interested in playing, IDEAL’s Athletic Director works with the coaching staff to determine which team or club is the best fit for each student, taking into consideration factors such as the student’s age (the leagues have strict age and grade requirements), skill level, the intensity of the competition, the child’s interests and goals, and social and leadership opportunities. Most sports have Middle School, High School, and mixed age options. Some teams are co-ed and others are not, depending on the level of student interest and league requirements.

Fall Sports: Volleyball, Cross Country
Winter Sports: Basketball
Spring Sports: Track & Field, Golf


The IDEAL Athletic Philosophy

  • All student athletes should exemplify leadership, respect for themselves, their teachers, coaches, and one another during school hours, after school hours, and within the IDEAL community.
  • Student athletes are expected to follow all safety rules, guidelines, and protocols implemented by the Athletic Director and coaching staff for the safety of themselves and others. Student athletes must behave and carry themselves as representatives of The IDEAL School of Manhattan.
  • Student athletes are expected to follow the policies laid out in IDEAL’s Honor Code and Upper School Family Handbook.
  • Student Athletes who are not in compliance with the APEX Code of Conduct are subject to disciplinary action, up to and including practice and game suspensions, at the discretion of the Athletic Director.