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Message from the Head

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Dear Families,

The Next Steps Transition Program at The IDEAL School of Manhattan is a student-centered individualized transition program for young adults aged 18-21. We build upon the unique strengths, goals, and interests of each student to design individualized paths that support their continued progress in social-emotional, adaptive life, executive functioning, and vocational skills. We also support students and families in planning for their next steps in life with a focus on finding and accessing adult services.

Students who attended IDEAL in High School can continue their education for one to three years in Next Steps, taking academic classes with their friends in familiar surroundings. IDEAL’s differentiated and individualized academic classes promote students intellectually, while Next Steps specific classes work on everyday adult skills and our health classes provide information for adult life. Continued arts education helps build students’ confidence and self-awareness, which will mesh with the job skills they will acquire as they participate in the internship program.

We are happy to provide tours for families or shadow days for potential students who are considering admission to Next Steps, whether from within our IDEAL community or coming from another program. Please contact Hilary Smith, our Director of Admissions and Enrollment, to schedule an appointment.

Thank you,

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Ryan Zaccaro
Head of the Next Steps Transition Program