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18-21 Next Steps Transition Program

The Next Steps Transition Program logo features three red blocks arranged as a staircase rising
6 students and 3 teachers stretch a ball of yarn across a table in a team-building activity

Next Steps students and teachers participate in a team-building activity on the first day of the 2023-24 school year.

The Next Steps Transition Program at The IDEAL School of Manhattan is a one, two, or three year postsecondary program helping students aged 18-21 reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams.

Next Steps is student-centered, individualized, and builds upon the unique strengths, goals, and interests of each student. The program supports students' continued progress in social-emotional, adaptive-life, executive functioning, and vocational skills and supports them and their families in planning for their next steps in life, changing the focus from educational to adult services. Next Steps is open to students who attended IDEAL in Grade 12, to those who finished High School elsewhere, or those who transfer from another postsecondary program. 

Next Steps gives students the tools to live as independently as they are able, and supports them in locating adult services.

Next Steps prepares students to continue their education in college or another postsecondary program after one to three years. IDEAL’s differentiated and individualized academic classes provide Next Steps students with everyday adult skills and health classes provide information for adult life. Continued arts education helps build students’ confidence and self-awareness, factors that will mesh with the job skills they will acquire as they prepare to enter the workforce. 

Please reach out to the Admission Office for more information or read these Next Steps Open House slides.


Next Steps News

a multicultural group of students and teachers pose in front of a wall of slime

On Thursday, Next Steps took a trip to Sloomoo Institute for slime-related educational purposes. Ms. Brown and Ms. Weider joined Next Steps students and teachers for this one-of-a-kind museum experience. The students learned about the different types of slime, played with a slime slingshot, and even donned plastic outerwear so they could get slimed! At the end of the visit, everyone made their own custom slime to take home. Photos and videos from the experience are in this Facebook album.

A chocolate strawberry cake being made by Next Steps students with the help of a teacher

Students in the Next Steps Transition Program tackled one of this year's most challenging culinary projects in their class with Ms. Pavelin: a chocolate strawberry cake. This delicious dessert featured two layers and was topped with a homemade frosting made from fresh strawberries.

A light skin girl and fair skin girl from Next Steps tabling to sell their hand-made candles

On April 16, Mr. Zacarro took Next Steps students Alex and Jillian to participate as vendors at the 17th Annual Hilibrand Autism Symposium held at UJA Federation New York. They set up a booth to showcase their products, selling a total of 32 candles to attendees throughout the day while also promoting awareness about the Next Steps Transition Program.