Next Steps

The Next Steps Transition Program at The IDEAL School of Manhattan is a one, two, or three year postsecondary program helping students reach their fullest potential and achieve their dreams.

IDEAL families and those outside our community choose Next Steps as an alternative or ramp to college. The program supports each individual’s continued progress and helps the students to develop the skills needed to live as independently as possible.

The Next Steps Transition Program logo features three red blocks arranged as a staircase rising
6 students and 3 teachers stretch a ball of yarn across a table in a team-building activity

Next Steps students and teachers participate in a team-building activity on the first day of the 2023-24 school year.

Next Steps is student-centered, individualized, and builds upon the unique strengths, goals, and interests of each student. The program supports each student’s continued progress in social-emotional, adaptive-life, executive functioning, and vocational skills and supports students and families in planning for their next steps, changing the focus from educational to adult services.

The Next Steps program prepares IDEAL students to continue their education after one to three years while attending familiar classes with their friends. IDEAL’s differentiated and individualized academic classes provide Next Steps students with everyday adult skills and health classes provide information for adult life. Continued arts education helps build students’ confidence and self-awareness, factors that will mesh with the job skills they will acquire as they prepare to enter the workforce. 

Social interaction with students in other transition programs will expand students’ community as they meet and join new friends for excursions in the city or visits to other schools.

Next Steps gives students the tools to live as independently as they are able, and support them in locating adult services.

Internships are integral to Next Steps, providing students with opportunities to gain hands-on experiences in business, science, arts, media, law, retail, and service industries. IDEAL’s model applies to the workplace as well, and our internship program provides appropriate job coaching and support through the curriculum and on-site. Students will be carefully matched with sponsors and our faculty will work closely with them to set them up for success. 

Please reach out to the Admissions Office for more information.