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An IDEAL Day of Golf and Fundraising

A man is visible from the waist down and he is preparing to make a putt on a golf course
More than 60 IDEAL friends and community members joined IDEAL Co-Founder and Board Vice President Mitch Rubin for An IDEAL Day of Golf on Thursday, October 15. The event raised over $80,000 to help offset the costs related to reopening the school due to the coronavirus. Thanks to everyone who made a contribution!
A group of people are outdoors looking at a student addressing them on a large tv
Six men are standing beside a golf green
Four men are standing on a golf green in the middle of a game
One man tees up a golf ball on a course while three more stand by
Four men and a woman watch another man drive a golf ball on a course
Many people and golf carts are lined up near a practice green on a golf course
A man talks to a woman and two young men outside a country club building