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The 16th Annual IDEAL G.A.L.A.

A Fundraiser Called GALA

The IDEAL community came together in support of our school and in recognition of the work of our faculty and staff on Thursday, May 13, 2021, for our 16th Annual IDEAL G.A.L.A., a virtual event named Gatherings Across a Large Area.

The G.A.L.A. raised over $200,000 through raffle and Oysters + Wine package sales and contributions from IDEAL friends, families, faculty, and staff, and donations can still be made on this page or via this link

Our faculty and staff are especially grateful for the 56 oyster or wine packages and 11 raffle tickets that were donated to them. 

All proceeds from the night’s event go to the Open Door Scholarship Fund, supporting students currently enrolled in the Standard Program and helping their families afford an inclusive IDEAL education.

Thanks go out to G.A.L.A. Committee members Jannette Lopez, Christine Mickletz, Fred Neuman, Tracy Nixon, and Audra Zuckerman, along with Jay Eisenhofer and the members of IDEAL’s Board of Trustees, for the creativity and hard work they put into reimagining our annual in-person tradition as a virtual event, complete with entertainment provided by IDEAL students and our new friends at De Gustibus Cooking School. We also want to recognize the efforts of several faculty members and administrators for their work behind the scenes, especially Jorge Chica, Maggie Conklin, Alyssa Digges, Joe Kemp, Emily Kuntz, Joanna Melendez, Will Simbol, and Zola Stennett. 

Thanks again to all who contributed to the success of IDEAL’s 16th Annual G.A.L.A. and to our honorees, our own frontline heroes, our faculty and staff, who made it possible, with our community’s support, to educate our students, whether at home or in-person, during this unprecedented school year.