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The IDEAL Scholarship

The IDEAL Scholarship is a merit-based, partial tuition scholarship that is awarded to applicants to the Standard Program for Grades K-8 and is unrelated to need or income level. 

At IDEAL, we believe that socioeconomic diversity is a strength, and we seek a school community that reflects the larger New York City community. A primary purpose of The IDEAL Scholarship is to promote the socioeconomic diversity of our K-8 applicant pool by making it easier for families from across a broad spectrum of income levels, including those who receive or do not qualify for financial aid, to afford an IDEAL education. Thus, all applicants to Grades K-8 in the Standard Program are eligible for an IDEAL Scholarship, regardless of need. 

The IDEAL Scholarship is designed to encourage the enrollment of students and families with a deep connection and commitment to the school’s mission and core values. The IDEAL School is built upon the principles of Inclusion, Diversity, Excellence, Acceptance, and Leadership. These core values constitute the foundation of our school mission and shape our philosophy for teaching and learning. 

Amount of Scholarship Award
The IDEAL Scholarship is a partial scholarship award. Each academic year, prior to the earliest admissions notification date set by ISAAGNY, the Board of Trustees will approve the percentage of tuition that is to be awarded for each scholarship. The tuition award for 2021-22 will be 75%

Number of Scholarships per Year
Each academic year, IDEAL’s Board of Trustees, in conjunction with the Head of School and Director of Admissions and Enrollment, will determine the number of IDEAL Scholarships available for that admissions year, with a maximum of five per division. 

All K-8 applicants to the Standard Program are eligible and will be considered. Students currently enrolled at The IDEAL School of Manhattan are not eligible for The IDEAL Scholarship. Current students in the Standard Program, however, may apply for financial aid or be awarded the Open Door Scholarship. More information on affording an IDEAL education can be found here.

The IDEAL Scholarship will renew annually until the recipient graduates from Grade 8, as long as the student remains in good academic and community standing. Academic and community standing will be determined by the terms of the scholarship contract, enrollment contract, Student Handbooks, and Family Handbooks.

Criteria for Selection
All applications for Grades K-8 to The IDEAL School will be evaluated, above and beyond the qualifications for admissions, for a unique connection to, passion for, and/or ability to contribute toward one or more of the school’s core values. This evaluation will include the applicant’s essay answers in the written application, personal and family interviews, recommendations, school observations, and any supplemental or portfolio material submitted in support of the application.

Selection Guidelines
Students must have completed the required process for admission to The IDEAL School’s Standard Program, Grades K-8, to be considered for The IDEAL Scholarship.
The Director of Admissions and Enrollment and members of the IDEAL Admissions Committee will recommend candidates to receive The IDEAL Scholarship to the Head of School annually.  
In awarding IDEAL Scholarships, every effort will be made to include students from an array of socioeconomic backgrounds.

Accepted students who are awarded The IDEAL Scholarship will be notified at the time of acceptance to the school.  

Questions can be directed to Caroline Savage, Director of Admission, at csavage@theidealschool.org.