a co-ed, independent, inclusion school for grades k-12

The Zenith and Dylan Programs

All students benefit from our small class sizes, low student-teacher ratio, and co-teaching model at The IDEAL School of Manhattan. Every student has an individualized academic plan, and instruction is differentiated based on the learning style, strengths, interests, and needs of the particular child. We offer a wide array of specialty and enrichment classes to all of our students.

The Zenith Program
The IDEAL School of Manhattan embraces students of all abilities and recognizes that some students will need an enhanced level of academic, behavioral, and related service support. For these students, the Zenith Program provides additional support in an inclusive classroom with two co-teachers or a teaching team. Approximately one-third of IDEAL students are enrolled in the Zenith Program, which includes:

  • Inclusion where students are not pulled out of whole-class instruction to receive support
  • A teaching team that includes dedicated learning specialists and general educators, who work together to make the appropriate curricular and other adaptations for the student
  • One-to-one and small-group sessions of speech and language therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and academic tutoring/enrichment
  • Individual counseling or play groups
  • Embedded services and carryover throughout the academic day and across disciplines
  • A collaborative team approach to all aspects of the child's education
  • Extended conference time
  • Support from school administration and faculty during the Committee on Special Education process, when appropriate

The Dylan Program
For students who need an extra layer of support throughout the day, the Dylan Program is an IDEAL option. Students in the Dylan Program, in addition to the supports listed above, are provided support by an associate teacher throughout the entire academic day. Individual learning, social, communicative, physical, and behavioral goals are highlighted. Students in the Dylan Program participate in classes and the full IDEAL program courses while receiving a greater degree of small group and individual instruction, depending on the child’s individual needs, as well as increased weekly therapy time.

Related Services

Unique to The IDEAL School of Manhattan is our elective program that includes enrichment classes and related services that are carefully chosen to meet the needs of our students. Related services include Counseling, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech and Language Therapy. These services are provided during our elective periods in the Lower School, supporting our “no pullout” policy where students in the Zenith and Dylan Program are not separated from their peers or pulled out of whole class academic instruction in order to ensure the connection between all students.