a co-ed, independent, inclusion school for grades k-12


A teacher stands behind two students who are working on a laptop

The Middle School at IDEAL is an inspiring and inclusive program where every child is known and heard in and out of the classroom and challenged and supported in growing as a learner and as an individual.

IDEAL’s curriculum meets every child where they are and fosters a love of learning and a passion for ideas. Interdisciplinary connections foster understanding of complex ideas and critical thinking, and IDEAL’s commitment to nurturing leadership skills and a desire to build a more just and equitable world within each student infuses our Middle School with shared purpose.

Differentiated curriculum with clearly articulated learning goals and themes offers appropriate challenge to all of our students. For example, in eighth grade English, students read Romeo and Juliet in its original form or in a modified text. Students meet as both an entire grade and in smaller, ability-level groups to explore the content and themes of the play. Our rigorous and differentiated writing program scaffolds students in communicating clearly across multiple genres and requires students at all levels to compose or revise a draft each week. Class discussions and presentations support the development of communication skills and interdisciplinary connections in the arts and history enrich learning in the English classroom.

Students progress through our mathematics curricula in ability-level groups that cross grade levels when appropriate. Math courses include foundational, skill-building classes as well as more traditional classes such as Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, and Algebra 2. Within math classes, discovery and real-world applications ensure that students recognize the relevance of their studies.

All IDEAL students study three years of one global language, typically Spanish, unless their IEP indicates the need for additional enrichment in English and other disciplines. Global language classes emphasize culture as well as communication and strive to expose students to the diverse perspectives of those speaking the target language. History and science classes are guided by an integrated, co-teaching model in which two faculty members work together to differentiate within the classroom.

Arts classes at IDEAL are designed to nurture the development of skills, creativity, and self-expression. In sixth grade, students study vocal music, visual art, and drama. Seventh and eighth graders make a choice each year of two arts on which to focus. The Upper School fall play and spring musical support students in the development of voice and confidence. Students may also choose from a variety of arts enrichment classes such as digital photography during the school day.

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