Performing Arts

The Performing Arts program at IDEAL strengthens every student's potential by involving and engaging the whole child and encouraging independent and collaborative growth within an ensemble. The performing arts are designed to accommodate students' diverse learning abilities through the exploration of multicultural themes, improvisation, and the creation of original composition and performances.


The music program in the Middle School builds upon the development of music reading, listening, and singing skills in the Lower School. Students transition from general music to music performance ensembles and larger groups.

Sixth grade students study vocalization, incorporating proper breathing, vocal warm-ups, singing in tune, and pitch matching through the Kodály Method, sight reading music with emphasis on musical literacy, and beginner Music Theory.

Students in seventh and eighth grades and in High School can choose from an array of music elective offerings, including advanced Vocal Techniques, Chorus, Piano/Keyboard, and Music Recording.

Performance opportunities such as assemblies, the Peace and Light Ceremony, and the Moving Up Ceremony allow IDEAL musicians to share their achievements.


The Upper School theater program introduces students to theater from various contexts, allowing them to discover their own interests and passions.

The focus for sixth grade is building an ensemble and developing the foundational skills for acting, directing, comprehending, and designing the many facets of theater, ranging from Ancient Greece to modern drama and world theater. Students collaborate to devise original scenes to share at their end of the course festival.

In seventh and eighth grades, students continue creating, performing, and developing an understanding, and responding to theater with room for more individualized areas of study as well as cross-curricular projects. Theater electives include Theater for Social Change, Playmaking, and Musical Theater. Students will also experience the incredible theater resources that New York City has to offer, including live performances, research facilities, and career opportunities.

All Upper School Students have the option of participating in the fall play and spring musical.