a co-ed, independent, inclusion school for grades k-12

Physical Education

The Lower School PE teacher leads a class in a circle dance

At IDEAL, we believe in the connection between a healthy mind and body, and thus all IDEAL students participate in physical activity at least four days a week. Our physical education program develops skills and practices that foster a lifelong appreciation for physical fitness, emphasizes good sportsmanship and teamwork, and highlights the significance of health and wellness. As in academic classes, we adapt our physical education classes to accommodate activities for physical and motor challenges and have an adaptive PE instructor as a part of our team. Whenever possible, physical education classes are held in Riverside Park, IDEAL’s backyard, to foster a love of nature and the outdoors.

In the Lower School, physical education classes include units such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and group fitness. Students are taught to take responsibility for their bodies, minds, and actions. Students develop spatial reasoning and critical thinking skills as they learn to be more aware of their own bodies, problem-solve physical challenges, and strive to collaborate as a team. In line with the school’s mission, instructors inspire creative leadership as they emphasize the importance of accountability for behavior and healthy competition.