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Lower School

Welcome to Lower School!

a teacher works one on one with a Lower School student

We are proud to offer the only fully inclusive independent school experience in New York City. The Lower School at IDEAL includes students in kindergarten to fifth grade, and here we strive to create a learning environment where every student is guided and encouraged to be intellectually curious while progressing along individual lines of academic growth. With the support of our highly qualified faculty, IDEAL students become part of a community where they learn from others, have opportunities to lead, and benefit from a supportive and affirming place from which to take healthy and appropriate risks in their learning.

Diversity of both population and thought are vital to our mission. All members of our community--students, families, and faculty--are encouraged and expected to bring their full identities to school with them every day. Differences are not merely tolerated and accepted--they are celebrated. Students at IDEAL learn to think critically and develop the necessary skills to become responsible, productive citizens and to observe the world through a globally conscious lens.

In addition to its tenets of diversity and inclusion, our mission compels us to hold all of our students to expectations of academic excellence. Small class sizes, low student-to-teacher ratios, and highly individualized instruction enable teachers to engage students in ways that promote intellectual growth and independence. Project-based learning and interdisciplinary work encourage students to express their understanding of concepts in meaningful and innovative ways. Our dedicated faculty creates opportunities for every student to develop their personal voice and their ability to articulate what they learn, which inspires self-confidence and a mindset for growth and accomplishment on a daily basis.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our website. To gain a true appreciation of IDEAL, I encourage you to visit our Lower School, take a tour, and meet with members of our community. I speak for our students, families, and faculty members when I say that we would be proud to welcome you to our school.

Tara Fersko
Interim Lower School Head

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Email admissions@theidealschool.org for more information or to schedule a tour.