a co-ed, independent, inclusion school for grades k-12


Two teachers at a whiteboard work with students who are seated.

IDEAL’s High School is a uniquely student-driven, flexible, and individualized program. Class sizes are typically made up of ten or fewer students, and our co-teaching model often places two teachers in a class. Our expert, nurturing faculty reach students where they are with appropriately challenging and differentiated academics, fostering creative leadership through service learning opportunities and an integrated multicultural curriculum.

IDEAL’s unique High School model is based on a rotating curriculum. Students in Grades 9-12 learn together in intentional groups designed to challenge and support each individual. This means that all IDEAL High School students study the same essential subject matter in English, history, and science at the same time. For example, all High School students may study government and economics in history and physics in science in a particular school year, while, in English, they will all read literature related to the themes of Coming of Age and Journeys. Each course is offered at a variety of levels based on student readiness, including foundational, college-prep, and honors. Throughout the year, students from across sections come together to work on projects, participate in large discussions, take trips, and share presentations. Creativity is at the heart of IDEAL’s High School, and all students are required to participate in creative arts classes throughout their time at IDEAL.

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