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A small, plastic, orange robot toy inside a 3d printer

At IDEAL, technology is a transformative tool in a project-based learning environment. Students use technology to enhance their productivity and to foster their communication, creativity, research, and critical thinking. IDEAL’s Upper School STEAM lab provide state-of-the art centers dedicated to integrating technology and design thinking across disciplines and equipping our students with the tools to be original thinkers and collaborative problem solvers.

Finalsite, IDEAL’s web-based learning management system, provides a student-centered, dynamic, interactive learning environment. Finalsite allows teachers to gather and organize their course resources for student access and to provide continuity from one class meeting to the next. Blogs, discussions, and the calendar provide powerful communication and collaboration tools that enable teachers and students to share ideas, provide and respond to feedback, and build knowledge together.

Digital citizenship is also a critical component of IDEAL’s curriculum. IDEAL students appreciate the rights, responsibilities, and opportunities of living, learning, and working in an interconnected, digital world and learn to engage in positive, safe, and ethical behavior online.

Both campuses have wireless Internet access, and the bandwidth supports all of our cloud-hosted systems. Teachers and students have access to classroom technology that includes interactive projectors, screen sharing, and unique academic tools which allow classes to collaborate not only in the classroom but beyond its walls.