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High School

a High School class smiles for the camera

The High School at IDEAL is a uniquely student-driven, inclusive program. In small, seminar-style classes, our dedicated and knowledgeable faculty cultivate the voice, skills, and confidence of each student. IDEAL’s flexible program supports students seeking a more individualized environment and personalized options than a traditional high school offers, while still emphasizing the nurturing student-faculty relationships, integration of the arts, and emphasis on community that are the hallmarks of an independent school education. 

IDEAL students advance at their own pace in a challenging, supportive, and diverse environment. Students at all readiness levels expand and build upon their own interests and explore multiple perspectives throughout the core curriculum and electives. Life and leadership skills, multiculturalism, and social justice are embedded into all aspects of the High School program. Our talented faculty includes general educators, learning specialists, therapists, licensed school counselors, and a college and postsecondary counselor. 

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