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Timothy Lomas Memorials

a man wearing a brown fedora and black shirt is on a blue background. Around him is a sunburst on a black, starry background

On Thursday April 20, current and former staff members were joined by IDEAL students, alumni, families, and friends to honor and celebrate the life of Timothy Lomas, our recently-departed Lower School art teacher of 14 years. Mr. Lomas’s two brothers and two nephews attended and spoke lovingly about him. Several members of the IDEAL community also shared their thoughts. Lower School Counselor Lauren Macchio talked about her six-year friendship with Mr. Lomas as his office neighbor. She shared that she and Lower School Literacy Specialist Hayley Speisman coordinated a project to help our community process its loss. The result is the fourth floor bulletin board covered in stars made in tribute to Mr. Lomas. You can see photos in this Facebook album. Ms. L. also gave the certificate for the star that Lower School named after Mr. Lomas to his family. Mr. Lomas the star can be found between the Big and Little Dipper.