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Harvest Festival

The Head of School holds the microphone for a Middle School girl during an assembly

On Tuesday, November 21, IDEAL had its first Harvest Festival at 5 Hanover Square. The event was reimagined for the new space and started with big and little buddy activities in classrooms. Older and younger students read The Giving Tree or The Tree Who Set Healthy Boundaries together. They also worked together to create a tree of gratitude in the gym, making construction paper leaves based on the following prompts: 1. Something or someone you are grateful for. 2. Something that you are looking forward to accomplishing this year. 3. Something that you will do to show kindness/compassion to others. Together in the gym, Ms. Wolfe and students spoke about gratitude and kindness, and the music teachers led the group in singing the traditional “Simple Gifts.” Photos are in this Facebook album.

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